American Skier Boats

The History of the American Skier Boat is well documented and Ron Tanis was involved in many aspects of this Classic Ski Boats Life. Unfortunately when Tanis sold American Skier to a new owner in 2001 they changed the name to Elan Boats, changed the recipe on building the boats, changed the plant and personnel and began a quick spiral downward. The Elan version of the original American Skier finally died around 2005.

One of the KEY ingredients missing from Elans attempt to continue the boat line was PASSION FOR BUILDING A BETTER SKI BOAT! Ken Elkind the company founder had it, and so does Ron Tanis.

Why not take advantage of this resource for your American Skier Boat?

  • Complete restorations available
  • Trailer restoration -or- new OEM replacements available
  • Engine/Transmission replacements available
  • FREE advice from the expert, just ask!
  • Restoring your own and have a question? CALL
  • PARTS, see our new parts page, I am adding new American Skier OEM Parts every year






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