Gelcoat Repair

Gelcoat Repair Services

Gelcoat repairing or “patching” is perhaps the most misunderstood part
of boat repairs, Please allow me to explain a bit about this mysterious coating.

  • Gelcoat is a color pigmented polyester resin similar to the resins used to laminate the boat, it is not a typical air dry “paint”
  • Gelcoat repairs should be done in a climate controlled environment.
  • Gelcoat does not “dry” it “cures” from a chemical reaction that generates a high exothermic heat reaction (160-220deg.)
  • Gelcoat is designed to be sprayed against a mold surface. Once a part is cast,¬†the “out of mold” repair process is considerably more difficult.
  • Color matching: Automotive paints are matched using computer control. Gelcoat is typically hand blended by the batch and the consistency is not as close as automotive paints.
  • Gelcoat work is more expensive than automobile painting due to higher material costs, and considerably higher labor requirements.
  • Bottom Line: Gelcoat remains the best material to use on a fiberglass boat especially below the water-line.

Gelcoat ¬†Restoration Is a process that can “revive” the color depth and gloss that oxidation has dulled, or faded. The process is far less costly than re-coating.

  • Photos below are “Before & After” Gelcoat Repairs at Tanis R & D LLC.

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