Fiberglass Repair

Anyone can do basic cosmetic fiberglass repairs, but when you have structural damage such as a complete puncture, torn fiberglass at structural areas like transoms, stringers, floors and other “hard-points” where critical items are mounted, a cosmetic repair with simple mat and resin WILL NOT hold up. Fabrics, cores, and resins similar to how your boat was originally built MUST be used in the repair so that the repaired area is as strong as the surrounding areas. Most Auto-Body Shops can do very good looking cosmetic repairs, but they are not versed in marine structural design & repairs!  Tanis R & D has over 20 years of experience in Performance Ski Boat Manufacturing and understands and Knows how to PROPERLY REPAIR structural Damage.



Completed Structural Repairs followed by Gelcoat Refinishing


Rotten Stringers and rotten sections of Flooring

Rotten Stringers and rotten sections of Flooring


First replacement Stringer Sectioned into Place with Structural Fiberglass







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