Marine Wire Color Codes

Generic Marine Wiring Color Codes – (Used in American Skier Boats)


Red                                         Battery Positive

Black                                       Grounds

Yellow w/ red stripe             Starter circuit (between ign. Switch & starter Solenoid)

Brown w/ stripe                      Bilge Blower

Dark Gray                               Nav. Lights

Light Gray                              Tach. Sender

Brown                                     Bilge Pump

Orange                                                Accessory Feeds (positive)

Purple                                      Ignition Circuit

Dark Blue                                Cabin lighting, inst. Lights

Light Blue                               Oil Pressure Sender

Tan                                          Water Temp Sender

Pink                                         Fuel Level Sender

NOTE: Bilge pumps with auto pump feature may have a brown w/ stripe to feed                               the pump switch.

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