Transom Repair

The Tanis All Composite “Lifetime” Transom Repair

A common but unfortunate reality in fiberglass boats
is the “Rotten Transom Dilemma”, if your transom is suffering from a rotten wood core you are left with three obvious choices:

  1. Discontinue using the boat and sell the motor and other components.
  2. Remove the rotten wood transom and replace with another plywood transom.
  3. Remove the rotten wood transom and replace with the
    “Tanis All Composite Transom”,
    which comes with a written, limited, transferable LIFETIME WARRANTY.

The cost difference between the wood transom replacement and the Tanis Transom
is minimal considering the entire cost of the transom replacement job. Our objective is to save you money and
increase the value of your boat at the same time.




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