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11990 American Skier Promo VideoHighlights the “New” models for American Skiers 1990 Line-up
2American Skier Advance Carpet Replacement Part 1Carpet area prep
3American Skier Advance Carpet Replacement Part 2Carpet installation
4American Skier Advance Sagging Dash Floor Repairthe basic procedures for repairing a sagging dash/floor in the Advance model.
5Drilling /Screwing into Gelcoatsimple yet most effective way of drilling holes into your boats gelcoat
6Fuel Gauge Troubleshooting 101Conventional Ski Boat Fuel Gauge Diagnosis, applies to most recreation boats using Non-Computer gauge systems. 
7How to replace a typical Ski Boat Strut Bearing (aka Cutlass Bearing)Quickest method to remove & replasce a ski boat strut bearing
8Installing A Ski Boat PropProp Installation
9Measuring Steering Cable & Throttle/Shift CablesHow to measure cables
10Medallion Brief History 2 
11Medallion MDC 1600 TestShort Video on a quick bench test of the MDC 1600
12Morse MV Style Throttle Control ServiceHow to inspect, and service the Morse MV Ski Boat Control, and properly set up the throttle cable.
13Propshaft Coupling Removal Direct and Drive V-driveRemoving the propshaft coupling using the TRD coupling removal press tool,
14Restoring A Rare Bird Part  1 Gelcoat AssessmentAssessing the gelcoat
15Restoring A Rare Bird Part  2 Interior AssessmentAssessing the interior
16Restoring A Rare Bird Part  3 The Tear DownTearing down
17Restoring A Rare Bird Part  4 Tear Down and Upholstery StartFinish tear down and start upholstery
18Restoring A Rare Bird Part  5 Floors and Stringer Problem DiscoveryFloors and Stringers
19Restoring a Rare Bird Part  6 Swim Platform Transom RepairSwim Platform Transom Repair
20Restoring a Rare Bird Part  7 Replacing the Flotation FoamNew flotation foam
21Restoring a Rare Bird Part  8 Removing and Modifying the L seat BaseL Seat base
22Restoring a Rare Bird Part  9 Painting the deck and HullPainting 
23Restoring a Rare Bird Part 10 Fuel Tank ServiceFuel Tank Service
24Restoring a Rare Bird Part 11 Finishing the Paint & Installing DecalsDecals and Paint
25Restoring a Rare Bird Part 12 Carpet horn wiringCarpet install with horn wiring
26Restoring a Rare Bird Part 13 Rigging UpdatesRestoring teak swim platform, New bilge pump, Dash panel repair, updates.
27Restoring a Rare Bird Part 14 Rear and Front Seat Updatesmodification the front passenger seat and access to the under-bow storage access, and the rear seat mods
28Restoring A Rare Bird Part 15 Dash Panel 1A replacement dash panel for the American Skier
29Restoring a Rare Bird Part 16 RubRail InstallationInstalling a NEW OEM American Skier Rubrail Kit
30Restoring a Rare Bird Part 17 RiggingFinishing up the dash panel
31Restoring a Rare Bird Part 18 Rigging 2 0Finishing up the Motor box
32Restoring a Rare Bird Part 19 New Engine Arrives!!Transmission and test run of new engine
33Restoring a Rare Bird Part 20 Engine InstallationEngine Installation
34Restoring a Rare Bird Part 21 FinaleOverview of the complete restoration
35Rudder Play Inspection for Ski Boatsinspecting and or determining if your ski boat rudder has too much play and if it needs repairs
36Rudder Port Repair SEF 1203Rudder Port Repair Walk-Through for a SEF 1203 style rudder port typically found in late 1980’s ski boats
37Running a ski boat on a trailer/bucketAn easy, simple, safe method to run your ski boat engine while on its trailer.
38Shaft Alignment Part 1guide a user through the shaft alignment process for a typical mid engine, direct drive tournament Ski Boat.
39Shaft Alignment Part 2guide a user through the shaft alignment process for a typical mid engine, direct drive tournament Ski Boat.
40Ski Boat (Ford) Distributor ReplacementReplacing a worn out Ford Prestolite mechanical Distributor with a new Petronix Electronic Distributor.
41Ski Boat Alternator Upgrade Ski Boat Alternator Upgrade for Ski & Wakeboard Boats
42Ski Boat Fuel System ServiceServicing the fuel system
43Ski Boat Overheating and Cooling 101a brief look at finding, and correcting the most common overheating cause, and an explanation of basic ski boat cooling parts.
44Ski Boat Prop Shaft and Coupling MeasuringHow to measure for a replacement ski boat prop shaft and strut bearing
45Ski Boat Shaft PackingsA Quick look at Ski Boat Shaft Stuffing boxes, shaft logs, and packing materials
46Ski Boat Steering Cable & Clamp Block RepairReplacing a Ski Boat steering cable and Clamp Block and setting up the support tube adjustment
47Ski Boat Trailer Brakes Part 1Repairing the most common brake actuator
48Ski Boat Trailer Brakes Part 2Replacing the wheel assemblies, bleeding, and adjusting ski boat trailer brakes
49Ski Boat Winterizing 101Winterizing a traditional inboard ski boat
50Velvet Drive Replacement Part 1Replacing a Bad Velvet Drive 1:1 with the ZF 1:1 45C Marine Transmission.
51Velvet Drive Replacement Part 2 

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