Decal Installation Tips


Decal Installation Instructions

1)    Prep surface, clean with rubbing alcohol.

2)    Before peeling anything from the decal, place the decal where you want it, you can put a small mark on the decal front backing paper to mark center or position aligning it with a piece of masking tape if position is critical.

3)    Using a misting or spray bottle, fill with warm water and a small amount of liquid soap, no more than 2-5% soap.

4)    CAREFULLY peel the heavy paper backing from the decal leaving the decal & thin paper together, adhesive exposed.

5)    Spray the soap/water onto the boat or glass surface, and spray the exposed adhesive side of the decal.

6)     Place wet decal into position, the water will allow you to slide for perfect positioning.

7)    When satisfied with the position use a bondo spreader or credit card to squeegee the liquid from the decal, starting from the center working your way out, when done properly you will have no bubbles in the decal.

8)    Allow decal & thin backing paper to dry before peeling the last backing paper off, this will be dependent on temperature & how much soap was used, typically 30-60 minutes, cold temps & soapier water will add to this time. In the colder temps I will leave it overnight before peeling the backing.

9)    Peel the final backing paper off at a sharp angle to the surface pulling very slowly, once off & exposed to the sun the decal will be done. Sometimes it is necessary to wet the front backing paper with water to help separate it from the decal, be careful.


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